Thursday, March 24, 2011

Ten Things I've Learned from Teaching

A BUNCH of the blogs that I follow are posting... The Ten Things I've Learned from Teaching. They call it a LINKY PARTY. I still have no idea what a Linky Party is or if you need an official invite; however, I have apparently decided to invite myself.

The Ten Things I Have Learned from Teaching

10. If a child has a scab from three weeks ago, they will still try to use it as an excuse to go to the nurse's office today.

9. Children eat pencils, erasers, and most of all glue sticks. Please feed your children before sending them in.

8. Be prepared to loose your ENTIRE class the second they see the first snowfall of the season outside.

7. It doesn't matter if you pre-number every other line for sentences. Most of the children will still start at number 1,  and where ever that sentence ends - write number 2, and so on. When they are done they will ask you what all those other numbers were for.

6. 0+0=   is a trick question to most 6-year-olds

5. The statement... "I don't get it."  I still don't get it.

4. Frogs are carnivores and WILL eat their tank mates should the opportunity arise.

3. Every child in your class will call you Mom, Mommy, or Mama at least once, and your heart will melt.

2. A first grader will write during the entire writing workshop if you let them use a felt tip pen.

1. I have the BEST job on the planet.

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